The JOURNEY TO SELF-CARE: Tanzania Retreat was intentionally curated for wellness enthusiasts, healers, & caregivers, just like you, who need a change in climate, accountability, and a supportive, safe space to thrive in, inspired by our own self-care journey while living part-time in Tanzania.

It's an immersive 10-day, plant-based experience designed to nurture

self-indulgence & self-discovery. Imagine being surrounded by the motherland’s breathtaking landscapes & enchanting sounds in the company of like-minded souls while indulging in a fusion of

Relaxation, Multicultural Activities, Vegan Culinary Experiences, Adventure, & Holistic Workshops.

Karibu Tanzania



Day 1: Oct 24th - Arrive in Arusha. Prepare for relaxation + Welcome Dinner

Day 2: Oct 25th - Morning Yoga + Arusha City Tour + Cultural Dance Experience

Day 3: Oct 26th - Day of Rest at Ngorongoro Castle + Sunset Yoga & Meditation

Day 4: Oct 27th - Maasai Village Tour + Evening Sharing Circle

Day 5: Oct 28th - Safari Game Drive + Travel to Zanzibar


Day 6: Oct 29th - Day of Silence + Silent Wellness Workshops by the ocean

Day 7: Oct 30th - Morning Sharing Circle + Traditional Zanzibari boat cruise

Day 8: Oct 31st - Giveback day + Traditional Zanzabari Culinary class

Day 9 Nov 1st - Stone town + Ancestry Historical Tour + Farewell Dinner

Day 10: Nov 2nd - Depart Zanzibar. Return to home country

*Schedule subject to change

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Reviews From Zanzibar Retreat

"The Meditation class was great . It relaxed me to the point where I felt like I was watching myself float. Every inch of my body felt light . My mind was at peace . What hurt prior to me attending didn’t hurt . I felt I released all pain and negative energy. The affirmations spoken and recited were received. Thank you so much. The class is a must."

~ Patricia B.

"A friend and I enjoyed a private yoga session with Lena right on the beach! Her calm voice with the sound of the ocean was heaven! I would recommend booking a class with her, it was such a wonderful addition to our stay while at the shore. I look forward to booking with her again!"

~ Lauren C.

"I had a yoga meditation session with Lena Di during her travels to Antigua. It was absolutely amazing! She was very patient and encouraging with me being a newbie to the practice. My attempt at yoga practice prior to doing it with Lena Di was that it may not be for me. But, after having a session with her, I definitely feel confident that yoga is something I can incorporate into my daily practice. Thank you so very much!"

~ Keisha M.

"The meditation session with lena was an amazing experience for me! she had a welcoming, inviting & calm energy. If you ever have the opportunity to get a guided meditation with her, take it!"

~ Zamagee P.

"Lena is an amazing yoga teacher. She has also a lot of knowledge, always adding a nice meditation to begin and end the class. I truly enjoy her class and the relaxation that she brings with. Highly recommend her!"

~ Sara C.

"Me and my daughter had a yoga class instructed by Lena Di at the comfort of our home. It was a gift from a family member (we loved it) Especially, in these stressful and challenging times. Lena Di made our first yoga class experience go so well. She was so patient and understanding since we were beginner clients. Thanks Lena for such a wonderful experience."

~ Heidy R.

I've attended many of Lena Di's yoga and meditation classes. Each time I learn more about the practice. Lena is my go to trainer for self care. She is reliable, compassionate and a phenomenal instructor."

~ Shamora R.

Client Reviews

Did you know that by continuing down the path of neglecting yourself, putting others' needs before your own, or prioritizing your job/career over your health, your exhaustion, stress, & overwhelm will only intensify, leading you down the road to chronic mental, emotional, and physical health problems?

How do I know? Because I've spent the first half of my 10+ years as a wellness professional neglecting my self-care, prioritizing my clients over myself, and caring for loved ones at the expense of my own health which left me burnt-out, miserable, resentful, and unhealthy. As the saying goes,

What did I do to fix it? I started traveling to tropical places, meditating consistently, eating nutritious plant-based foods, and investing in activities that bring me balance and joy. Within a few days, I regained energy, mental clarity, and happiness.

"You can't pour from an empty cup"

Ready to start giving yourself the same energy you give to others?

Ready for a boost in self-love, energy, mood, and motivation?

Ready for restored harmony in your mind, body, and spirit?

I hope you answered YES because you deserve a Break. You deserve a Reset. You deserve to be Selfish.